10 Tips: How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

18 March, 2015

By Fun in the Sun Weddings

You have put A LOT of time and energy into looking fabulous for your destination wedding, so let’s make sure that translates into the photos! Below are my ten top tips  sure to help you shine on your big day.




1. Camera? What camera?

Ah yes, the dreaded ‘deer in headlights’ stare and lock-jaw smile. This may be easier said than done, but if you can forget about the camera, and trust your wedding photographer to do his job, that relaxation will make you appear as a radiant, confident bride in your wedding photos.

2. Laugh!

I mean genuinely laugh! After all, this is the happiest day of your life, right? Roll with it, let yourself have FUN, and I guarantee you will get the most amazing wedding photos in doing so.




3. Chin down please

This is perhaps the best advice I can give: When looking at the camera, stick your chin out slightly to elongate your neckand drop it down while maintaining eye contact with the lens. You’re welcome.

4. A sweet smile

You are going to be taking A LOT of pictures on your wedding day! Inevitably every bride ends up with an unnatural grin at some point. My solution? Give your face a good, crazy shake! Loosen your lips and make horse sounds! Have a laugh at yourself, and then when you go back to smiling again, gently press the tip of your tongue against the back of your front teeth. Trust me, it works!




5. Look long and lean

The trick to appearing slimmer and taller than you are is to NOT stand straight on to the camera lens. Instead, keep your upper body facing the camera, while twisting your lower body slightly so that your hips are on an angle. Whichever leg is now closest to the camera should remain soft and a few inches forward of the leg furthest from the camera. The back leg should bear most of your weight. This tricks the camera into making you look longer and leaner in your wedding photos, and what bride doesn’t want that?

6. Mirror mirror on the wall

Spend some quality time with your mirror! So what if you feel vain? How else are you going to learn what angles look good on you? Practice the last three tips and get familiar with how they feel so you can count on them to be there for you during the frenzy of wedding photos.




7. Go towards the light!

Whether you are snapping off sunset beach wedding shots, or giving a sparkly speech at your reception, be aware of where the light is coming from, and angle yourself towards it. Beautiful wedding photos are not born from a bride’s face being in shadow.

8. Nix the sweat

If you are planning to get married somewhere tropical, like Mexico, or even at home in the middle of summer, you should plan for the inevitable: Sweat. To your wedding photos, sweat equals shine, and not in a sexy way! Keep oil dabbing strips handy, and men should carry a hanky.




9. Plan an engagement session

Most photographers now offer an engagement session as part of their wedding photography packages, and I cannot stress enough how much I recommend taking advantage of this. I guarantee this will help you feel more comfortable working with your wedding photographer on your big day (read: relaxed!) and to work through any ‘kinks’ you have in front of the camera ahead of time. There is also the added benefit of your photographer learning how best to shoot you!


After shooting hundreds of weddings, I can say there is one commonality between all of them; every bride is BEAUTIFUL! It does not matter what size, shape, colour, age or income bracket. It is incredible to see the transformation that happens when a bride slips into her wedding dress. Confidence radiates from her, and there is no better way for a photographer to capture stunning images. Believe in yourself, love yourself and amazing wedding photos will come easily.




About The Author

Fun in the Sun Weddings is a destination wedding photography studio based in Mexico.  Headed by Canadian photographer Marc, who moved his family to Mexico to pursue their dream of living on the Mayan Riviera, Fun in the Sun Weddings provides wedding photography to fun, unconventional and playful couples who love to have a great time.  Marc’s fun personality and his keen eye contribute to the overall experience of your day, capturing all the colour, fun, sizzle and pop of your destination wedding in Mexico.


All Photography By: Fun in the Sun Weddings