5 Destination Wedding Myths and Tips to Deal

26 June, 2013

By Chelsea Bond of Red-i By Chelsea Custom Jewelry


Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun Wedding - Playa del Carmen Mexico by Heather Rice Photography


1. Everyone you love will be there

Not necessarily.

Believe it or not, life as you know it may not halt for your guests while you’re planning your destination wedding. When you dreamed up your fantasy island nuptials you may have pictured every face in the crowd to be physically present. Then your bestie had a non-negotiable work trip, your uncle had a conflict because of a vacation booked 6 months prior and your cousin found out she was pregnant and unable to travel. While it’s the biggest and brightest day for you as a couple up to this point, it’s important to keep other people’s lives in perspective. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to be there. Sometimes as cliche as it may sound, life gets in the way.

Tip: Instead of the never-ending guilting syndrome (which doesn’t help your bridal glow), focus on the people who are making the journey. Instead of focusing on how upset that bestie may not be by your side, remember those who are creating space and time to celebrate your big day (and possible week). This may be their only vacation and just because you may get unlimited time off, others may not have the time to spare. Remember to be grateful and not shun the ones who may only be there in spirit!


2. Planning this is the same as planning a vacation

Um, no.

While it’s true that you’re planning one big fête, it doesn’t mean you still don’t need to send out proper RSVP’s, invitations, create some sort of itinerary so people know where to meet you when they arrive (I highly recommend a pool bar) and so forth. Just because your wedding is going to be the biggest party of the century, it doesn’t mean you should leave out wedding etiquette.

Tip: Check out the available templates here to help you organize your thoughts and destination wedding dreams. Another big hit is creating a Facebook group for everyone to at least get to introduce themselves or just get a sneak peek into who they’ll be spending their time with in paradise. The description of our group read something like: “Get to know who might be walking you back to your room at 3am after the endless margaritas and dance parties!”


Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun Wedding - Playa del Carmen Mexico by Heather Rice Photography


3. You’re going to look perfect 100% of the time


While there are definitely some bombshells that can rock wet hair, humidity and the effervescent 5lb cocktail gain, plan on things not necessarily being perfect at all times…which is all part of the fun! Good thing that the bridal glow will illuminate you at all times (it’s true). In my own personal destination wedding archives, I have a quintessential outfit disaster story. I wore a fuschia, one-shoulder cocktail dress that I saved for our rehearsal dinner. It was a tight fitting, body conscious organza dress that was the worst idea to wear for that dinner. We were at one of the hotel restaurants that was open air, but June in Mexico can be unforgiving. I was so hot that I had to go back to the room after about an hour and nearly had a nervous breakdown getting the thing off of me. Thank God for great girlfriends who let me have my panic attack…induced by organza. I slipped into a lightweight cotton sundress and we were on our way.

Lesson learned: wear breathable fabrics. I’m not saying to not bring dresses that might not have an ideal fabric with you, but plan on a back up…always.

Tip: I highly recommend creating a spreadsheet of your daily ensembles (at least at night since you’ll most likely be rockin’ swimwear all day) along with your jewelry of course! This alleviates the syndrome of staring into your closet suitcase, frustrated while husband to be is downing his 4th Cerveza since he’s been ready for hours.


4. It’s my wedding so obviously I’m getting a gift

Surprise, surprise…not true.

Whether your wedding location is on a private island where guests have been chartered in or an all inclusive resort, do not expect a tangible gift. Many guests feel the time and money that is spent to make it to your wedding is sufficient. Others are on the opposite pole and still treat it as a domestic wedding, gift registry and all.

Tip: This is completely up to your discretion. You may choose to say something like, “Your gift to us is your presence. Wedding gifts are not necessary.” If you prefer to receive gifts, just know going into it that it’s not a guarantee, so just be prepared either way!


Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun Wedding - Playa del Carmen Mexico by Heather Rice Photography


5. It’s fun to do everything yourself when planning a destination wedding

Please, please reconsider.

While you may be able to work a glue gun, create a flower arrangement and play Spotify really well on your laptop, please consider hiring talented vendors that turn your day into magic. It’s not to say that DIY-ing isn’t a good solution and all the rage right now, but if it means it’s taking precious time away from being a bombshell fiancee, relaxing on the weekends with friends and fam and not giving yourself a second full time job, don’t do it.

Tip: Make sure that you’re reading reviews. It’s easy to create a pop up shop online nowadays so it’s important to do your research. Make sure your vendor is reputable and read those reviews! Don’t be a number, be their bridal muse.


Chelsea Bond is a travel-inspired destination wedding jewelry designer and former destination bride, who became inspired to create stunning one of a kind barefoot sandals, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair jewelry after her own Riviera Maya wedding.  Today Red-i  By Chelsea’s range has grown to incorporate unique travel-inspired boudoir, destination wedding, underwater trash the dress, honeymoon and special occasion jewelry.  Take a look at her full range of beautiful pieces at;


Photography: Heather Rice Photography