5 Myths About Planning a Church Wedding in Mallorca

27 May, 2015

By The Anglican Church Mallorca

When thinking about a wedding, any bride’s checklist will no doubt include: perfect partner – check.  Perfect destination/venue  – check.  Perfect budget  – flowers; dresses; meal; drinks – check, check, check, check!  Perfect celebrant or ceremony leader  – check? Many people ask the right questions but some simply don’t ask. We, in the Anglican Church on Mallorca, consider this role to be one of the most important decisions to ensure your ceremony reflects your character and personality and the sense of occasion that you wish for, on such a big day.  Following are some Common Myths About Using an Anglican (Church of England) priest to lead your ceremony in Mallorca, Spain.




Myth 1 – You cannot get married in one of the beautiful Catholic Churches on Mallorca without one of you being Catholic.

Fact – The Anglican English Speaking Church in Mallorca (The Church of England in Europe) has special arrangements with many of the Catholic Churches. Your service can be tailored to your needs and carried out in the Church of your choice. Have a look at popular churches in Portals Nous; Deia; Valldemossa and La Victoria near Alcudia.




Myth 2: If you are not religious you cannot or should not have a priest to lead the ceremony.

Fact – There are many interpretations of ‘religious’ and many people feel this may be important, while others feel it is not for them or not particularly vital.  Our priests are trained to listen first and foremost. Marriage is a big commitment and talking the ceremony through, discussing your needs may well reveal where you are in terms of ‘religion’. Our priests have over 60 years’ experience between them in helping couples to devise the perfect ceremony for you. Many of these weddings have been ‘traditional’ church ceremonies; whilst others have created services that have less overt references to religion or none at all. The vicars are happy to work with you as a couple to make the ceremony yours.




Myth 3: If we use the Anglican Church priests for our ceremony, we will have to stick with the traditional wedding service used in the Church of England.

Fact – Our priests realise that this is your day, your memories that you are creating, and your commitment. They are experienced in leading all types of public ceremonies and they will be able to help you to create the service or ceremony that is personal to you, to include family and friends where you want to and a ceremony that appeals to all who attend. Some couples love the traditional service; others will enjoy discussing alternatives with the priest.




Myth 4: If we do want a priest to lead the ceremony, we have to find a Church to get married in.

Fact – Our priests enjoy the wonderful task of conducting ceremonies in all types of venues. Mallorca has stunning beach locations, restaurants nestled in the mountains, cliff top pagodas, intimate or grand fincas and lovely hotels. Popular locations include Hotel Valdemossa, Cala D’Or Yacht Club, Hotel Miramar at Puerto Pollenca and Son Vida Hotel, Palma.




Myth 5: Using a priest for our ceremony runs the risk of them trying to ‘convert us or our guests’.

Fact – The Anglican Church offers first and foremost a professional, experienced service. Our priests are hospitable, flexible and will offer depth and spirituality to your ceremony. They will not try to ‘convert’ those who come with no belief or different beliefs. They will see your marriage as an important, profound ceremony. Our priests are immersed in a daily, disciplined spiritual life and they will bring themselves to your ceremony ‘as they are’. This does not distract from their professionalism, but enhances their willingness to help and support you to prepare and enjoy probably the most important moment of your life together so far.

Mallorca is a beautiful Island, has great weather and such a variety of venues. Mallorca will ‘sell itself’, but do not get too carried away, leaving the choice of celebrant until the last minute. A well planned and led ceremony will leave you and all your guests with the wonderful memories you deserve.


About the Author

The Anglican Church on Mallorca can help you to create the perfect wedding day. Timing is crucial, so contact us early to see what dates are available before you finalise your day and time and venue. We have three priests and can call on retired priests if necessary but this takes time to plan! If, after discussion you realise that you would prefer a lay celebrant, then we know very good celebrants on the island and can make introductions, depending on the type of ceremony you are looking for.  for more information email weddings@anglican-mallorca.org, or visit their website;



Image Credits: 1. Eye On Spain / 2. Pulsame.com / 3. SuzyGuese.com 4. Mallorca Event Expert / 5. Son Vida Hotel Palma.