The Benefits of Flying Private on Your Wedding Day

25 February, 2015

By Chapman Freeborn

Flying private can mean a number of things, but it is the indulgence factor that makes it oh-so perfect for your wedding day. A wedding is all about celebration and the finer things in life, from delicious food, to gorgeous outfits, to lavish venues, we love announcing our love to the world and inviting all those close to us to celebrate in unison.

Now just imagine, you’ve celebrated one of the happiest days of your life, ahead of you is the whole new world of marriage to explore. What better send-off can you think of than flying into the sunset on an adventure of a lifetime?  And why stop at the wedding day for the life of luxury? In a private jet, you get first class cuisine, plush leather chairs, maybe even a bed to relax on whilst watching some top blockbusters. Flying private is living the high life, quite literally!  Then there is the wedding day itself. What better mode of transport than flying you and your guests private to that secluded and breath-taking location?

Yes, the life of luxury is a reason alone to opt for private travel to celebrate the first few days of married life, but there are so many other reasons to opt for private jet travel, that you may not have thought of.




Swift Service

Destination weddings are often in highly exclusive yet stunning locations. You can cut your travel time down significantly by opting for private. Fly straight to your destination, without multiple flights, coaches and the panic of losing some of your precious cargo along the way.

The gorgeous small towns and villages have a beauty that makes them so perfect for destination weddings. You can optimise your time there with some swift flying.



Not only will you get to your destination quicker, but more effectively too. With private flying you have the ability to schedule depending on your situation, however niche that might be. Wish to fly as soon as the ceremony finishes? No problem. Want to get from A to B on Christmas Day? Hop on-board!

You can fly outside scheduled times, to smaller destinations, at any time of the day or year. It’s the convenience of having your own car…without the traffic jams.





Flying private equals getting from A to B in a timely manner, whilst a commercial flight could mean getting from A to B, whilst stopping off at C, D and E along the way. There are no stopovers or connecting flights to rush in-between. Especially with such  important cargo – can you imagine if something got lost halfway in-between? You could be wearing nothing but your slouchy trousers on your wedding day and then throughout the honeymoon. Not a good look.


Less airport time

Airports are renowned for being boring and tiresome places.  When flying private, you cut out all unnecessary delays, There are no lengthy check-ins and the frustrating queuing, no wandering around duty-free looking at items you will never need, and no pushing to get onto the plane. This also includes the biggest plus yet; no delays! You can drive straight up to the plane, whether this is on the way to your honeymoon or at the beginning of your Big Day, watch your cargo get on-board with you and be on your way. You can even be late! A private jet will wait for you – you can be sure of that.





In terms of security, whilst less time consuming on a private jet, it is still amazingly secure and thorough. Again, there are no lengthy check-ins, X-Rays and baggage checks to trawl through; just “plain flying”.

It isn’t just the level of security that is more effective, it’s the sense of security as well. You have all your items with you, with no excess baggage. As all destination brides will know, transporting your wedding dress on a plane can be one of the biggest headaches you will encounter, and flying private ensures that your gown will arrive in mint condition.  Not to mention the inconvenience of transporting wedding favours or decorations, many of which will be either fragile, heavy or both!  You can relax and let the possibility of loss or damage your dress or decorations float away. You can also have your entire party on the plane with you. No delayed flights and the possibility of half your wedding party being stuck in transit.

The benefits of flying private hugely outweigh any other category of flying, even business class, and when it comes to your Big Day, you deserve the best. Go on, treat yourself!




About the Author

Chapman Freeborn are specialists in luxury private jet travel, especially for your wedding day. As well as catering for your cargo and group charter needs, they have had over 40 years’ experience flying all sorts to the four corners of the globe – they are the global air charter specialists.