Getting Married in Croatia – 6 Reasons to Choose Split as Your Wedding Destination

5 February, 2015

By Promessi Weddings & Events

Split is my hometown. I am, and always will be, passionately in love with this city. Over 2000 years old, Split, with its exceptional history, cultural heritage and unique beauty, and over all, relaxed rhythm of everyday life makes you feel like you are constantly on vacation. As a wedding planner from Split, but one who works in the whole region of the Central Dalmatian coast and islands, Istria and Zagreb, I am always pleased to see that more and more couples recognize the hidden beauty of Split, a city not as popular worldwide as Dubrovnik or fashionable as Hvar, but a true jewel by many means. These are the top reasons why I can see this trend changing.




1. History

In the heart of this Mediterranean gentleman lies a Palace of about 30 thousand square meters built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian . Once you visit Split, don’t expect to see just a palace nor a museum, be prepared for something different. Besides the walls, cellars, monuments, buildings and towers, you will be overwhelmed by the commotion of everyday life. Narrow streets hide passageways and courtyards, so vivid and colourful, thumping with music from bars and cafes, while the local residents hang out their washing overhead, children play football on the streets of the Palace and people snoop from the windows of their homes. Sites such as Diocletian’s Palace and Mausoleum, the Grgur Ninski Statue and the Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius justify its position as a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. The scenery of the town, incorporating its cultural legacy, the beauty of architecture and Mediterranean charm is, without a doubt, the perfect choice for creating a unique wedding story, or even better, your personal history.




2. The Beaches

Croatia, as with many Mediterranean countries, is not famous for sandy beaches but rather the pebble ones. However, the most popular beach in Split is in fact a sand beach, Bačvice, with picturesque locations ideal for setting up a wedding ceremony and surrounded by a number of venues nearby, perfect for the wedding reception: old taverns, luxury hotels, exquisite restaurants and beach bars. On the other side of the town, a beautiful Park Forest Marjan offers a variety of pebble beaches, less crowded and even isolated, with sparkling crystal blue sea surrounded by pine trees. In symbiosis with art, historical monuments and churches dating from the 9th century, Marjan is a peaceful oasis that guards and overlooks the vivid city and for me, the most intimate location for setting up a wedding ceremony for many reasons: a great view of the Adriatic sea and islands, the beauty of preserved nature and the breathtaking architecture of ancient chapels. And the last, the most hotels in Split offer private beaches and therefore, exclusivity for their clients on the Big Day, which I find the most comfortable way of having a beach ceremony and a guarantee of complete privacy.




3. Transportation

Split, as a capital of the region, is very well connected by the highway to all the major cities of Croatia and being also a harbour, it’s connected with all the islands of Adriatic as well as the international ports of the Mediterranean. Split is reachable by train, car and bus but surely the best and the most comfortable way of getting to Split is of course by plane, especially since the airport is only 20 km away.  If you decide on Split for your wedding venue, the fact the Split is a focal point of the whole Adriatic coast gives one an opportunity to visit the most of beautiful sites in Croatia during your stay, combining the wedding and the vacation for you and your guests and making the experience even more memorable. This is the biggest advantage of choosing a destination wedding by far.




4. Prices

By simply comparing the prices of wedding planning services in Croatia and worldwide, you will see that Croatia offers the same or more for your wedding budget than  more popular neighbours such as Italy and Spain. On the other hand, if you compare the pricing locally, Split offers more for less money than more popular places, being a new star on the horizon of wedding venues. This means pricing of all wedding vendors as well as wedding planners. This, of course, doesn’t mean you get it all for pennies. Hospitality of people, so common for warm Mediterranean people is also evident on your Big Day. I was a witness of spontaneous musicians playing free of charge, homemade wedding favours given to all guests, last minute transfers, extra flower arrangements, special desserts, etc., all with the compliments of local vendors. Love seems to open the heart of everybody and the guests always get something more than they pay for. It is a part of the philosophy of the country with such a long history of tourism. A satisfied guest will come back. They always do.




5. Variety of wedding locations

Whether you wish to get married on the beach, forest, ancient chapel, gorgeous Cathedral, Roman Palace, Museum, Cinema, Amphitheatre, boat, yacht or a galleon, even a lake with whimsical waterfalls, cave under the water, mountain top, “Game of Thrones” filming spot, terrace of a hotel or a castle, you name it, Split has it all. The variety of wedding venues on offer is endless. Some venues are free of charge; you only need to get the right license from the local authorities. For others, you have to pay a certain fee. Also, a really wide list of awarded vendors with international recognition is available, giving you an opportunity to choose and get the most for your money. Keep in mind to book your preferred vendor on time!




6. People

As soon as you set your foot on Split ground you will be overwhelmed by the true Mediterranean vibe of everyday life in Split. Squares, restaurants, bars full of people and popular Riva, cooled by wind ‘maestral’ in the summer time and warmed by the Mediterranean sun in the winter time, along with the Palace, all makes you feel like you belong here. Hospitality, professionalism of service and the relaxed approach to every guest, helps on create the ideal set up and atmosphere for your Big Day. Our clients are overwhelmed by the warmness that embraces them in Split, a feeling so crucial on your wedding day. As much as our clients decide on having a destination wedding to avoid the hassle of big weddings at home, and want to indulge themselves with something unique abroad, they also want to feel homey on their Big Day. Split does that to you.


About the Author

Promessi Weddings & Events are professional, full service wedding planners specialising in tailor-made weddings in Croatia.  Focused on the areas of Zagreb, Istra and Central Dalmatia – especially Split and its coastal area and islands of Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Vis, Korčula and Pag, Promessi create unique weddings, perfectly tailored to each of their couples.