Real Bride: Planning a Wedding in the Bekaa Valley – Lebanon

Lebanon is a stunning and culturally rich country, and Baalbek is a little known area in the mountains, in the heart of wine country. In case you didn’t know Lebanon produces some phenomenal wines. Baalbek is home to the Roman Ruins of Heliopolis which is a UN World Heritage site.

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Destination Weddings in Durban – South Africa

Home to one of the busiest ports in Africa, Durban is guaranteed to give you a true taste of South African culture. From its traditional Zulu villages, Indian spice markets and inner city farm stalls, all the way to the Bushmen art in the Drakensburg mountain ranges.

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Destination Weddings in Johannesburg – South Africa

A bit like the New York of Africa, Johannesburg is always awake, always moving and always able to respond to your needs quickly. Where other towns may be relaxed and laid back Joburg is there to get things done!

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Destination Weddings in Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town, known affectionately as ‘the mother city’ is as rich in historical value as it is in modern design and flare. Loved locally for its wine farms, fine dining and incredible natural beauty.

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South Africa – The Perfect Wedding Destination

To me South Africa is one of the best destination wedding spots in the world right now. Here’s a little insight into why I love this country so much and why I think you should definitely be considering it as your own wedding destination!

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The Best Dubai Shopping Malls - Our Top 3

The Best Dubai Shopping Malls – Our Top 3

In celebration of the Dubai Shopping Festival, currently in full swing during the month of January, we’re taking a look at some of the best shopping malls in Dubai.

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Burj Al Arab_ Jumeirah - Exterior

Venue Review: Weddings at the Burj Al Arab – Dubai, U.A.E.

Regardless of the size or style of wedding that you choose to host at the Burj Al Arab, the real beauty of this venue is its extraordinary and unsurpassed level of service. Couples seeking a completely bespoke wedding celebration will find it here.

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Destination: Israel – A guide to signing the Ketubah in Israel

Besides being the home of the most holy sites in the world, Israel is full of gorgeous beaches, restaurants, and great weather for your wedding day!

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