Planning a Vow Renewal at the Icehotel, Sweden: 1 Month to Go

It might sound super organised (or perhaps just obsessive compulsive??) to be writing a packing list four weeks early, but the truth is, over the years I’ve learnt that this is the best way of making sure I haven’t totally overlooked something major.

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Destination Wedding Welcome Cruise in Santorini by Photographer Michael Renga

Destination Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

Your COMPLETE guide to everything that needs to be considered when planning a destination wedding, along with a timeline to ensure that you stay on track during the planning process.

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Destination Wedding Welcome Cruise in Santorini by Photographer Michael Renga

Planning a Vow Renewal at the Icehotel, Sweden: 2 Months to Go

I’ve come to the realisation that, while it’s generally presumed that a wedding is all about the bride, destination weddings are actually far more about the group of people present. When your guests are going to great lengths (and great distances) to be a part of your wedding day, it’s so important to step back and view the event through their eyes, and not just your own.

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Fairytale Wedding Abroad: Getting Married in France

It is the big day dreams are made of, but although there are many options for your wedding location, be sure to check out the strict French legalities before committing money and your heart to getting married in France.

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Planning a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico via Puerto Vallarta Wed

Planning a Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta with Puerto Vallarta Wed

Puerto Vallarta offers beaches, jungles, mountains, cobblestone streets, and prides itself on welcoming guests with open arms. It retains a small town charm as it has not been taken over by gigantic resorts or parking structures.

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Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Puerto Vallarta Wed

Choosing a Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venue: Restaurant vs Resort vs Private Villa

When planning a Puerto Vallarta destination wedding, you have basically three choices for your wedding venue: a restaurant, an all-inclusive resort, and a private villa. There are positives and negatives to each different venue type.

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Oscar de la Renta Gown Kate Moss

Planning a Vow Renewal at the Icehotel, Sweden: 3 Months to Go

This month, it’s all about the dress. I’m very happy to report that I’ve found ‘The One’, and it’s NOTHING like I expected.

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Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Images via Puerto Vallarta Wed

Options for Non-Beach Weddings in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’re looking for some unique options for an amazing destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, consider a non-beach wedding. Puerto Vallarta is so amazingly beautiful that there are lots of great options.

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5 Tips on Planning a Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

I can easily say that getting married in Vallarta seems to be more fun, more relaxing, and over-all more enjoyable. Whenever you feel frustrated with the long-distance planning process, just remember that you’ll be a million miles away from all that during your dream paradise wedding.

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Planning a Vow Renewal at the Icehotel, Sweden: 4 Months to Go

It goes without saying that you need to have a plan ‘B’ for the obvious details, such as an outdoor wedding venue. Destination weddings can throw up a number of additional considerations however, particularly those in secluded or remote locations where your options may be limited.

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