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A Gorgeous Beach Wedding in Costa Rica by Les Amis Photo & FourNineteen Weddings

As 2015 starts to wind down, a whole new batch of brides will soon be launching head first into their own wedding planning journey . . . . and the vast majority of them don’t even know it yet!  Late December sees the start of ‘engagement season’, so quite a few lucky people are in for a VERY good festive season this year.  I can’t wait to welcome a whole new crop of newly engaged readers to the blog next year, and if I can offer any inspiration specifically for the nature lovers, the adrenaline junkies, the surfer boys (and girls!) and those of you who don’t mind the odd breathtaking white sand beach, it would be to take a look at this little piece of paradise . . . beautiful Costa Rica.

Get ready to fall in love.  Again!


From the Wedding Planner, Barbara Broutin of FourNineteen Weddings:  When Will & Noelle contacted us, they had a very clear idea of what they wanted for their Costa Rica wedding.  Something laid back yet classic, relaxed but elegant, incorporating a little bit of a rustic feel with a more refined look (one of the comments they made was that they absolutely did not want any burlap included in anything, which to tell the truth, was quite a bit refreshing!). They wanted their wedding to be all about their guests having fun and having a great vacation in Costa Rica, with the plus of a wonderful celebration to attend.  Design wise, they wanted to incorporate white, cream, blush and soft green hues, with romance-inspiring florals. Perhaps one of the our favorite parts of this wedding was the rustic style altar structure with intertwining branches. A special personal touch was added to it by incorporating a beautiful blue family tapestry to the chuppah, to honor the groom’s Jewish roots. The ceremony at the lovely Playa Cochal was lovely and personal, with the bride’s brother officiating a fun and heartfelt service.  Cocktails and dinner followed at the Reserva Conchal Beach Club, with all enjoying a great meal and fantastic music, including a moving guitar performance by one of the couples’ good friends.  

From the Photographer, Erica Brenci of Les Amis Photo: Costa Rica it’s a  very romantic and relaxed destination. Amazing landscapes, emotional sunsets, warm people and tropical taste: what else?!?! The colors and the light are unique, and the atmosphere is paradisiac. Will and Noelle were a  madly in love young couple, and the have celebrated their wedding day with sweet words for each other (very touching speeches) and a lot of enthusiasm for their crazy party.  A perfect and hot day!! I’m italian, and Costa Rica has stolen my heart!


Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_01

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_02

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_03

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_04

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_05

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_06

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_07

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_08

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_09

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Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_11

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_12

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Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_14

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_15

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Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_17

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_18

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Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_20

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_21

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Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_23

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_24

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_25

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_26

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_27

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_28

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_29

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_30

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_31

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_32

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_33

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_34

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_35

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_36

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_37

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_38

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_39

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_40

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_41

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_42

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_43

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_44

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_45

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_46

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_47

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_48

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_49

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_50

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_51

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_52

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_53

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_54

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_55

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_56

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_57

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_58

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_59

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_60

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_61

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_62

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_63

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_64

Les Amis Photo_CostaRica_65


Wedding Photographer: Les Amis Photo

Wedding Planner: FourNineteen Weddings

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: Reserva Conchal Beach Club – Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

Wedding Cake: Victoria Zoch

Bride’s Makeup: Maryville Make Up

Event Rentals: Oceano Rentals

Wedding Caterer: Reserva Conchal Beach Club

Floral Design: Artflower

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