2014 Destination Wedding Trend #10 – Spirit Balloons

Spirit balloons, spirit lanterns, sky lanterns, Kongming, Khom Loi . . . . whatever you call them, these lovely floating lights originated hundreds of years ago in Chinese festivals, but have become popular more recently at weddings, particularly in Thailand.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #9 – The After Party

When all of your guests are on holiday, and no one has to go to work tomorrow or drive themselves home, there’s nothing standing in the way of the wedding reception stretching until the wee small hours.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #8 – Multi-Day, Multi-City Weddings

We looked at elopements a few days back, and how they we’re becoming more common in reaction to the ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ destination wedding. Well here we are at the ‘major production’ end of the scale!

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #7 – Unique Bridal Details

It’s the small details that define these lovely ladies, each one of them stamping their own personal style onto their bridal outfit, rather than borrowing an overall ‘look’ from a magazine.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #6 – Scenic Ceremonies

You all got a little more adventurous this year, and I’m noticing a much bigger emphasis on panoramic wedding ceremony locations – particularly away from the traditional beach destinations.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #5 – Elopements

2014 was definitely the year that elopements popped back up on the radar, and of all the destination wedding trends that we’re looking at over the next few days, this is one is really going strong right now.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #4 – Lanterns & Lights

Once the sun went down on your scenic wedding locations, it was time for your reception to shine and this year saw you embracing lanterns and lights in all their forms.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #3 – The Grand Entrance

Not content with a completely jaw-dropping location for their wedding day, this year couples started taking it up a notch with an equally impressive arrival! Take a look . . .

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #2 – Pre-Wedding Photography

We’re not talking about the typical engagement session here, nor are we talking about a photo shoot at the destination the day before the wedding.

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2014 Destination Wedding Trend #1 – Winter Weddings

Not only is there something incredibly romantic about the twinkling lights of a quaint mountainside ski village, the alpine scenery is nothing short of epic, providing the perfect backdrop for spectacular wedding photos.

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