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A Ravello Wedding – The Amalfi Coast’s best wedding destination?


Ravello Wedding

Ravello Wedding Photography by Rochelle Cheever


Without a doubt, Italy is one of the world’s most popular choices for destination weddings, and its spectacular Amalfi Coast is among the most chic and romantic options available.  But with a number of gorgeous little towns to choose from, what make a Ravello wedding more special than weddings in Sorrento or Positano, or even its main town of Amalfi?  In my opinion, it’s the unique mix of arts and culture, combined with an ever so slightly ‘off the main strip’ location that gives it pole position.


Ravello Wedding at Hotel Caruso on Italy's Amalfi Coast

Ravello Wedding at Hotel Caruso, Amalfi Coast, Italy


Perched high on the hill overlooking the stunning Mediterranean Sea, Ravello is widely regarded as the most panoramic town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.  As well as Ravello weddings, this chic, romantic destination is a Mecca for tourists thanks to its breathtaking views, beautiful historic buildings and elegant formal gardens.  Ravello also has a long association with the Arts, and is still regarded as a cultural hub to this day thanks to its annual music and Arts festival.  All of which are wonderful ingredients for a magical Ravello wedding day!


Ravello Wedding at Villa Rufolo &  the Terrace of Infinity by Jonas Peterson

1. Villa Rufolo / 2. “Terrace of Infinity” by Jonas Peterson via Brides Without Borders / 3. Hotel Caruso 


What makes Ravello a great wedding destination?

Did I mention the views? Ravello is graced with some of the most spectacular vistas that Italy has to offer. Not only does it boast views of the impossibly blue Mediterranean Sea, but it’s dotted with beautiful ancient buildings, colourful formal gardens and pretty cobbled streets lined with flowers. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of photogenic locations for your Ravello wedding photos, and even your wedding ceremony. Civil weddings can take place in the lovely 12th Century town hall, or by arrangement, in various Palazzos or gardens. For those who prefer a religious ceremony, there’s a choice of beautiful ancient churches in the town, including the magnificent Duomo, overlooking the main town square. Ravello is also the perfect base for exploring the remaining towns along the Amalfi Coast, with Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, and the island of Capri all nearby.


Hotel Caruso Wedding in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

1. & 2. Hotel Caruso 


How to Get Legally Married in Ravello

Legally binding civil or religious weddings can take place in a choice of beautiful locations in Ravello, and there are no residency requirements for foreigners. You will, however, need to arrive in time to present your documentation in person at the Comune di Ravello, the day prior to your ceremony.

Civil Weddings in Ravello

Civil weddings can take place either in the beautiful, ornate Palazzo Tolla (Town Hall) or it’s stunning adjoining garden, Principessa di Piemonte. Ravello weddings are officiated by the Mayor or his delegate, and can take place on any day of the week (however your paperwork may only be presented at the Comune di Ravello on weekday mornings, and only by prior appointment). You will require two adult witnesses to attend your wedding ceremony, and you may also require a translator however these can generally be arranged and provided via your local Ravello wedding planner if required. As Ravello is an extremely popular wedding destination, you should contact the Comune di Ravello as early as possible, to book an appointment time and also to reserve your chosen wedding venue (either the Town Hall or the adjacent garden). Again, your Ravello wedding planner can usually arrange this on your behalf.

Legal Paperwork Required to Legally Marry in Ravello

You will need to present the the following original documents when you attend your appointment at the Comune di Ravello;

– Current Passports for both partners
– Copies of the Current Passports for two (2) witnesses (only required if they are not Italian Citizens)
– Birth Certificates for both partners
– Evidence of termination of any previous marriages (Death or Divorce Certificates). Note: under Italian law, a woman cannot remarry within 300 days of a divorce.
– Proof of No Impediment to Marry. This document goes by many different names depending upon which country is issuing it- Atto Notorio, Certificate of No Impediment, Certificate of Freedom, Extract of the Population Register, etc. – and the process of applying for it varies from country to country. You should contact the Italian Embassy in your home country for advice on how to apply.
– Nulla Osta. This document is issued by your own embassy confirming your freedom to marry. Again the process of obtaining this document varies from country to country, however you will typically need to provide the above ‘Proof of No Impediment to Marry’ in order to obtain it. Most nationalities can arrange to have the document issued by post or collected by your local Ravello wedding planner prior to the wedding date, however some nationalities will be required to visit their embassy in Italy to personally collect the document.

Catholic Weddings in Ravello

Couples wishing to marry in a Catholic service in Ravello have a choice of three (3) breathtaking historic Catholic churches – The Duomo of Ravello, Santa Maria a Gradillo or San Francesco d’Assisi.

Catholic wedding ceremonies in Ravello are legally binding, provided that the couple provides all of the relevant legal paperwork and providing that the ceremony is conducted by a local priest (you may not provide your own parish priest if you wish to have a legally binding wedding ceremony in Ravello). If however, you have already legally married in a civil ceremony (either at home or elsewhere), it is possible for a Catholic wedding ceremony in Ravello to be symbolic only.

Catholic wedding services in Ravello are conducted by an English speaking Catholic priest and they may take place on any day of the week, however no Catholic wedding can take place during Easter week.


Ravello Wedding Photographer Rochelle Cheever

Ravello Wedding at Villa Cimbrone by Rochelle Cheever


Ravello wedding ceremony venues

* A Ravello Wedding at Palazzo Tolla (Ravello Town Hall) – An elegant medieval building that houses the Ravello Wedding Room (“Sala dei Matrimoni”), a simple but lovely room with teracotta and marble finishes, furnished in period style.  The wedding room can accommodate approximately 45 guests.

* A Ravello Wedding at Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte – For those who prefer a garden wedding, this stunning garden setting located next to the Ravello Town hall offers an outdoor wedding ceremony location with stunning panoramic views of the Amalfi coast.  The Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte can accommodate up to 100 guests for a civil wedding ceremony.

* A Wedding at Ravello Duomo – Located on the main piazza of Ravello and dating back to the 10th century, the Duomo is a grand Catholic cathedral, opulently decorated throughout with bronze, marble and ancient mosaics.  It can accommodate up to 200 wedding guests and provides the perfect setting for an elegant and very grand Ravello wedding.

* A Ravello Wedding at Santa Maria a Gradillo – Slightly less opulent than the Duomo, but still a beautiful ancient church of white marble with towering pillars and traditional domed ceilings.  Santa Maria a Gradillo is one of Ravello’s oldest churches, and is located in a slightly quieter section of the town, yet still just a short walk from the main square.  It is the ideal setting for a private, intimate Catholic wedding in Ravello.

* A Ravello Wedding at San Francesco d’Assisi – Another Catholic church with a very private and intimate feel, San Francesco d’Assisi is located on the highest point in Ravello, very close to the spectacular Villa Cimbrone.  It is reached via a private pathway and has a beautiful ornate baroque interior.  The church can accommodate up to 100 guests, making it perfect for small to medium wedding ceremonies.


Ravello Wedding at Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte by Wagner Tours


Ravello wedding reception venues

* A Ravello Wedding at Villa Cimbrone – One of the most popular venues for a Ravello wedding – couples can marry in the grounds of the villa (legally binding Protestant, Jewish and Waldensian ceremonies are possible) or hold a symbolic ceremony. Onsite receptions and cocktail functions can also be held in various spaces within the grounds. A bridal portrait on the “Terrace of Infinity” is a must for your wedding album.

*A Ravello Wedding at Hotel Caruso – The perfect venue for elegant and upscale Ravello wedding reception, complete with breathtaking views both day and night. Indoor and outdoor function spaces are available.

* A Ravello Wedding at Palazzo Avino (Formerly Palazzo Sasso) – Palazzo Avino is a beautiful 12th Century villa in the heart of Ravello that has been restored as a five star hotel.  It’s a popular spot for wedding receptions, which can take place in its function room, on one of its panoramic terraces, or in the Michelin starred restaurant onsite.


Ravello Weddings on Brides Without Borders by Oli Sansom & Jonas Peterson

Ravello Wedding – 1. Oli Sansom via Brides Without Borders / 2 & 3 Jonas Peterson via Brides Without Borders


Highlights & things to do in Ravello

* Visit the ancient Villa Rufolo located in the centre of Ravello and enjoy some of the most spectacular views that the Amalfi Coast has to offer. Stroll the beautiful “Garden of the Soul” or take in a show as part of the Ravello Festival (see below).

* Visit the 11th century Villa Cimbrone to stroll the grounds and take in the spectacular view from the “Terrace of Infinity”. On a clear day, it’s often impossible to tell the vivid blue sky from the sea. Visitors can stay the night at the villa’s hotel or dine in the onsite Michelin starred restaurant. Villa Cimbrone is also available for private events.

* Check in to the opulent Hotel Caruso – a former 11th century palace – and enjoy the view from the restaurant terrace or spectacular infinity pool.

* If your visit falls between the months of July and October, be sure to book some tickets to the annual Ravello Festival, and catch a performance by a world renowned orchestra performing on an open air stage perched over the Mediterranean sea.

* Enjoy a glass of the local Limoncello liquer – arguably the best in the world, and the perfect aperetif to serve at your Ravello wedding.


Destination Wedding at Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Italy by Photographer Jonas Peterson

The "Garden of the Soul" and Villa Cimbrone on Italy's Amalfi Coast

1. Ravello Wedding at Villa Cimbrone by Jonas Peterson via Brides Without Borders / 2. “Garden of the Soul” / 3. Villa Cimbrone


Best time of year to marry on the Amalfi Coast

March to October is the ideal time for a Ravello wedding. The official tourist season runs from April until the end of September, with July and August the peak months. Many restaurants and hotels close during the colder months from late October to early March.


Palazzo Avino, the "Terrace of Infinity" and the Ravello Festival

1. Palazzo Avino / 2. “Terrace of Infinity” / 3. Ravello Festival 



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