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One Perfect Day in Santorini – An Anniversary Session by Rowell Photography

As much as I love sharing new and ‘off the beaten path’ wedding destinations with you on the BWB blog, there are a couple of iconic locations that I will never get tired of posting here . . . and one of my favourites is today’s location, Santorini.  We’re actually catching up with husband and wife photography team, Erika and Ryan of Rowell Photography, who we last met on their Croatian honeymoon!  Three years later, still madly in love and still travelling the world together, the pair took a trip to Greece to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.  Here’s Erika & Ryan’s ‘One Perfect Day’ in stunning Santornini . . .


From the Photographer, Erika of Rowell Photography:

After spending some time in Athens, we flew to Santorini, and unlike any place we have ever seen before, this tiny Greek Island taught us that we can love harder, and open our hearts to more visual beauty than we have ever known. While it is hard to take a bad photo in Santorini, it even more difficult to capture it the way your eye sees it, and the way your mind remembers it. The photos we were able to capture are beautiful, but they are nothing like the real thing.


Morning – 5am Sunrise in Imerovigli

We stayed in a tiny cave house, on a volcano, in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Ryan set us an alarm for 4am. Quietly, before the town of Imerovigli awoke, hand in hand we walked along white rooftops to the little church and watched the sunrise over the tiny houses, and blue domes. The cliff edges of Fira were glowing a bright pink before the sun crested, and we sat and watched as the color washed over the caldera and the rest of the island. We took photos together and celebrated the beginning of year three.











Afternoon – 1pm Stroll in Oia

After a simple breakfast of Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey, we hopped onto the much needed air-conditioned bus to Oia. The postcard town thats appearance has become synonymous with the Greek Islands. Oia is a tourist draw, with its high end shops and seaside cafes, and every turn that is photo worthy. The tourists, us included, were out in full, armed with iPhones, selfie sticks and DSLR cameras. Between the two of us, I think we helped at least six tourists take photos. While traveling I have a few traditions, I like to buy a patch from each place we visit, and also visit a local bookstore and buy a book, usually something traditional to the area. This time I purchased Zorba the Greek from Atlantis Books, which is a co-op book store. They allow students traveling to stay in the book store for free in exchange for a day or two of work at the shop. We have seen models like this all over the world, and we try to support them when we can. 




















Night – 7pm Sunset at the Caldera

If you are a photographer in Santorini, or even just a person in Santorini with a camera, it would be foolish and I might even go as far as to say, irresponsible, to not take photos at the wall of the caldera. Its a little nerve-wracking to stand at the edge, but if you can muster the courage, the view is sensational. You can feel the breeze, see the sea metres below you, and feel the town of Imerovigli curl up around you. When the sun set that night, I saw its warm light touch every white house, and every blue dome, as if to say mother nature was tucking each one of them into bed for the night. Before she left, she sat on the horizon, in a vibrant orange glow, and around the caldera, I could see the silhouettes of people on balconies, rooftops and patios looking westward as the tiny sliver fell into the sea.















Our Santorini anniversary photo shoot only lasted a day but the memories will last a lifetime. I don’t know how I would ever explain to people what we saw and how we felt about it without the photos. If we weren’t already photographers we would hire photographers often, especially for vacations. Travel is an investment in your personal growth, an investment in your happiness and wellbeing, and an excellent way to learn to grown as a couple. Photography is in our opinion, the best way to relive that. We hope you have the chance to travel to the Greek Island of Santorini, experience it in real time, and then relive it in photographs.


Photographer: Rowell Photography

Location: Santorini – Greece