South Africa – The Perfect Wedding Destination

9 April, 2015

By Runaway Romance




To me South Africa is one of the best destination wedding spots in the world right now. Why, you ask? Well to name only a few reasons:


What Makes South Africa a Great Wedding Destination?

* Our predominant language is English. (although we have 11 official languages)

* We are a culturally diverse and open minded nation, who practice our love and faith through many different belief systems and religious views.

* Same sex marriages are legally recognised here.

* Our weaker currency (Rand) will give most overseas travellers plenty of bang for their buck.

* We have world class airports, wedding suppliers, venues and accommodation.

* Our weather is mild. Summers aren’t blazing hot and winters aren’t freezing, and we have blue skies most of the time, regardless of the season.

* You can honeymoon in the same place that you have your wedding. (This place is gorgeous!)

* We are the home to Africa’s Big 5 and one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

* We have a world class collection of natural parks and reserves that will allow you to have a truly ‘back to your roots’ experience.

* We have many first world modern cities and amenities that are buzzing with local flavour and flare.




As you may have noticed I am a South African wedding planner who is completely in love with South Africa!

Over the next 3 articles we will be looking at the top 3 destination wedding cities in South Africa, as I share some local facts and some of my thoughts on these oh-so-lovely-places. Hopefully giving you a little insight into why I love this country so much and why I think you should definitely be considering it as your destination wedding location!

But before we get into these 3 cities here are a few general things to remember when getting married in SA:


Legal Marriage in South Africa

As a foreigner you will need a few documents to complete your wedding. Please see the Department of Home Affairs link to make sure you have an updated list of everything you need to make your union legal.


Booking a Wedding Venue

South Africa has a vibrant and busy wedding industry, so for popular wedding venues you may need to book far in advance.




Experience South Africa!

South Africa is rich in history, natural beauty and local design so give yourself the time to truly experience all of these aspects. I would recommend a 1 week minimum stay to make the trip over here worth it.


Crime & Staying Safe

I understand South Africa may have a bad reputation when it comes to crime. I approach this in two ways:

1. There are poor people in this country (as in most other countries) wanting a better life for themselves. Most people in South Africa work very hard for that better life but there is a small percentage that will see a foreigner as an easy days ‘work’. All you need to do is be a little street smart. Don’t fling cash around, don’t walk alone at night and don’t assume too much.

2. Google your own country’s crime stats and traveller warnings. A little over the top hey? Well that’s exactly what I think about ours!




Next week we’ll be zeroing in on the three main wedding destinations in South Africa, so drop back then and we’ll discuss the best assets and points to consider for each of these beautiful locations;

Cape Town




About the Author

Runaway Romance is an alternative to the hype, cost and pressure of typical wedding ‘productions’.  As a boutique wedding planning service based in South Africa, Rebecca and her team focus on creating unique romantic memories in the form of elopements, small weddings, proposals, engagements and anniversaries.  Runaway Romance’s services range from basic concept design and initial planning, through to full service coordination including pre-wedding travel, vendor selection, event styling & design and day-of coordination.  Rebecca encourages travel and adventure and recognizes that every celebration is different, so get in touch to discuss your ideas and let Runaway Romance craft your very own romantic South African experience.

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